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Chatsworth Multi Academy Trust
Achieving Excellence Together

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Our Mission

Achieving Excellence Together

Mission Statement

The Chatsworth Multi-Academy Trust has been established to bring together high quality provision, professionals and practitioners in the Greater Manchester area in order to maximise the quality of education, care and opportunity for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

The Chatsworth Multi-Academy Trust aims to provide an integrated and continuous pathway for the learning and development of children and young people from 0 – 25 years which is inclusive and aspirational. Throughout the Trust individuals are valued for themselves, challenged to achieve excellence in everything they do and share a bond of mutual respect for others and the environment in which they learn.

The Chatsworth Multi-Academy Trust is a safe, open and progressive learning community in which all children and young people are at the heart of everything we do as we strive with energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment to achieve excellence together.

Core Values

  • To provide a safe, healthy and secure learning community which serves the Greater Manchester area and in which children and young people thrive and develop.
  • To deliver excellence in the quality of education for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities by combining and sharing the knowledge, skills and expertise of all partners across the Trust.
  • To support the health needs of all children and young people in the Trust in order to enable their learning potential to be fully achieved.
  • To achieve excellence across the Trust through a shared process of rigorous self-evaluation focused on the
  • To engender a culture of mutual respect, care and fairness throughout the Trust in which each individual is explicitly valued and their achievements are celebrated.
  • To ensure that excellence in learning is achieved through enjoyment, excitement, energy and enthusiasm in all children and young people.
  • To sustain a financially viable Trust in which resources are employed efficiently according to best value principles and shared fairly according to needs.
  • To work in a proactive and positive partnership with parents and carers to support the holistic development of their child.
  • To create and nurture a staff team of the highest quality through effective and safe recruitment, frequent and regular continuing professional learning and opportunities for career development.
  • To build resilience in all children and young people in order to support their support their transition into happy, fulfilling and empowered adult lives.